Stand Out From The Crowd With Our 3D Sports Advertising

Placing sponsorship brands in a 3D perspective on or around the field of play is guaranteed to make your brand stand out from the rest.

Your brand will benefit from being shown on live TV, as well as highlights over and over again all around the globe including social media platforms.

Getting your brand out there


Application of 3D advertisements directly onto the field of play using specialty eco-friendly, removable, grass paint. 3D sponsorship advertising on the field is your most valuable option with intense TV coverage.


As seen in major football leagues around the world, 3D Camera Carpets are positioned on either side of the goal posts in prime position to be in shot where all the best action happens. Our 3D Carpets are light weight material therefore do not leave any turf scorch or damage to the field of play.


3D Camera carpets positioned on the wicket to wicket ends of the pitch are guaranteed to get your brand on live TV with every ball. They stand out like no other sign around the ground. Thanks to the 3D carpets lightweight thin material they do not interfere with game play. 3D Mid-wicket logos are another valuable option for sponsors to place their brand directly in the field of play and obtain the best exposure. Mid-wicket logos are painted directly onto the grass with eco-friendly removable paint.

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